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Product Description

Shimi Pajouhesh Sanat dryer section are thermally and mechanically stabilized to compensate for machine direction, cross direction and contraction.
The front side dryer framing is a clean open design for efficient ventilation, sheet inspection and maintenance.
Shimi Pajouhesh Sanat  is the  only Iranian manufacturer offering a full range of dryer heads and dryers with various sizes of dryer cylinders.
-Complete range of MS fabricated cylinders sizes up to 1500 mm diameter × 4250 mm length
- Gear or felt drives
- Pre assembled and shop tested
- Symmetrically designed frames for maximum access and dryer flexibility
- Meet ASME code and designed for operating  pressure up to 5.0 bar and hydro test at 11.0 bar
- Designed for ground floor or first floor installation
- Energy saving high efficiency steam distribution and condensate removing system.
- Heat treated, Epoxy painted frames

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