Double Disc Deflaker DDF

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Product Description

DDF deflaker is used for separating of fibers in broke system, virgin pulp system and waste handling. Even wet strength paper qualities can be deflaked.
In the DDF deflaker the pulp passes through eight vibration zones under continuous flow reversals and is therefore well processed without fibre bundles in spite of the low peripheral speed.
The design of the deflaker discs allows compensation of wear through axial movement of the rotor disc.


This device features optimum de-fiberation with intensive acceleration and retardation inside deflaker zone.
Compact structure, low specific energy requirement, light weight, less floor space,
high efficiency, easy operation, optimized design leads to low down time for maintenance and great adaptability in technique.

Technical   data

Through put  t / 24h 10 - 27
Inlet consistency  % 3 – 4.5
Motor rating  kW 18 - 44
Motor speed 3000 (up to 30  kW)  
  1500 (higher than 30 kW )
Inlet pressure  kg / cm2 1.0 - 1.5
Disk diameter  inch 10 - 17


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